New York, New York!

kali Sky
3 min readJul 21, 2022

Fast, loud, and exhilarating.

A photo of a busy New York street.
The photo was taken by Author

Life is so fast and loud in New York City. The pace is busy and the walking is huge. I first had to get my head around which way to look for traffic. I have used the buses a lot as I found it too much for me to walk even with my cane. I did find I was trying to keep up with my cousin, but her scooter gave her a huge advantage.

New Yorkers are loud because the city is loud however they are super friendly and proud of their city. I live in a little town in West Wales, in the UK so the intensity of New York was exciting yet tiring.

I need to pace myself and there is so much to see in the city that it is impossible to see it all. Just had to list the main things I wanted to see and tick them off one at a time. The first thing on my list was to take the Staten Island ferry.

A photo of the orange Staten Island ferry with the Statue of Liberty and New York City behind.
Photo by David Jones on Unsplash

It was a crowded approach to the ferry doors and it had already taken a lot of my energy to get there by bus. When Nomi and I boarded we found it difficult to find a space where I could take clear pictures. The ferry passes the Liberty lady herself but there were lots of people trying to take her photo. It was great to see her so close plus a great way to see the New York skyline.

The statue of Liberty.
Photo was taken by the author

When we got off at Staten Island we just took in the views until we could get the next return ferry. We were starting to lose light as we passed her on the return journey however it was easier to get to a viewpoint for a photo.

My cousin Nomi and I.

When we arrived back I was very tired so we stopped in Nomi’s favorite pizza place. I got a slice and sat on a bench outside of the ferry terminal to wait for the bus. When we got back to Nomis’ apartment we both agreed that we would watch a little television and call it a night.



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